How To Spend 5 Days in Mallorca?

Synonymous with world-famous beaches, a destination that is perfect for nature, golf, culture and water sports…in a word, Mallorca – the largest Balearic island. Have you had the opportunity to visit this Spanish beauty?

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure to remember, this island really has something to offer. Beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, luxury hotels and sports activities are just some of the reasons why many return to this island every year.

Mallorca has an extremely favorable climate with long and dry summers. Mallorca is an island of heated events, a favorite destination of trendsetters. It is a combination of today’s civilization and ten centuries of history. This is an island of vast pine forests and rocky beaches in the west, beautiful bays in the east and long sandy beaches in the north and south. The north of Mallorca has magnificent beaches, and the wind that blows constantly is a special attraction for surfers. In the south, the beaches are covered with pearl sand and look almost unreal.

Here are some of our absolute favorites that you must visit!

Banys Àrabs

A tenth-century Arabian bath, located in Palma de Mallorca.

Ferrocarril de Soller

The optional tour to this mountain village is an unforgettable experience because you ride a specific old train whose exterior and interior is made of wood, and the scenes you will see will be remembered forever, while Soller is a special story you must experience. The ride takes about an hour, but only because the train is slow to enjoy the magnificent expanse you pass through.

Marina Port de Mallorca

At the end of the day while the sun is setting, take a walk through the harbor in the capital, which houses beautiful boats, but also fantastic luxury yachts. Mallorca is also known as a fashionable resort, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have a house here, as well as Ana Ivanovic and of course Rafael Nadal, who was born in Manacor, the second largest city on the island. Regular guests are Brad Pitt, the Beckhams, Eva Longoria, Sting, Boris Becker and many others.


The best paella with seafood, seasoned with saffron, is made on this island. Be sure to try sobarssada. Then, ensaïmadu – pastry with meat. You should not miss Frit mallorquí (a type of lamb dish), nor Sopes Mallorquines (soup with meat and mushrooms).

Playa de Palma Beach in El Arsenal

The most famous beach Playa de Palma, is about 6 km long, with its exceptional appearance, fine sand and tall palm trees offers complete satisfaction. That is why this beach is full of tourists in the season and so the crowds are something that should not surprise you if you decide to spend your vacation right there.

Aqualand El Arenal

Aqualand El Arenal – a park with aquatic animals, which is considered one of the best water parks in Europe. The whole family can enjoy this place because the facilities are adapted for children, swimming pools with waves, mini zoo, children’s farm, museum of antique machines, but also for exhibitionists. There are also numerous slides, Tsunami, Great Canoe and Devil’s Tail.

Drach cave

Drach – the largest underground cave in Europe. It consists of four caves that are interconnected and which are also called dragon caves because there are formations that extend from the top to the bottom of the cave. In these caves is the largest underground lake in the world, Lake Martel, 1150 m long and 30 m wide.


The place that you can hear that tourists often call “Monte Carlo” of Mallorca is Illetes. This small living place is well known for its mild climate, because the wind that often blows, breaks the heat, so no matter how hot it is, you have a pleasant feeling of warmth. Illetes is known for a large number of luxury hotels, and one of the best golf courses on the island is nearby.

Famous beaches of Illetes are the historic beach of Illetes, Cala Comptessa, Cala Oli. The beach that bears the name of the place is about 200m long and about 50m wide, is considered one of the best beaches in Spain. The sand on this beach is something that will delight every tourist who likes to walk, because the softness and fineness of the sand on this beach is amazing.