Your Next European Destination – Prague

Whether you plan to visit only Prague, the Moravian region or Liberec during your trip to the Czech Republic, we have tips for you. Prague attracts tourists with its stunning Gothic architecture, South Moravia offers wine enjoyment, and those who opt for Liberec often do so because of the great opportunities for hiking. With a few basic tips on where to stay, what to do and how to visit various destinations, you will surely feel more relaxed and ready for an adventure in the Czech Republic.

When you should visit Prague?

It is known that autumn is the best time of year to visit Prague. If you want to explore the city on your own, meet new people and amazing culture through churches, galleries, museums and architecture, without the huge crowds that would disturb you, autumn is the right time for that.

Things you should not miss in Prague

The Czech Republic offers a wide range of things to do and see in addition to numerous festivals and events throughout the year. From enjoying the amazing nature in national parks and mountains to exploring museums and historical quarters of big cities, the Czech Republic offers something for everyone.

When visiting the Czech Republic, you should not miss the following:

  • – Enjoy a tour of the medieval streets of Prague’s Old Town, the historic Charles Bridge and the magnificent Prague Castle.
  • – Head to the historic region of Moravia and enjoy wine festivals and the second largest city in the Czech Republic, the amazing Brno
  • – Hike through the beautiful nature of the Czech Paradise and Czech Switzerland National Parks

Attractions in Prague include the Astronomical Clock at the Lund Cathedral in the Old Town on the Old Town Square. Its uniqueness comes from a legend that says that the creator of the watch, after he made it in 1410, was blinded so that he would not be able to possibly make the same. In addition to the day, hour and minute, the clock shows the rising and setting of the sun and moon, as well as the arrangement of the planets. The cathedral on which it is located is one of the 500 magnificent towers of Prague whose tops “touch the sky”. Because of their beauty, the roofs of the towers were an inspiration to Walt Disney for the look of the castles in his fairy tales.

 Those who like to experience cities through museums here, probably like nowhere else in Europe, will have a dilemma for which to buy a ticket – in addition to the museum of trams, wax figures, chocolate, roofs and chimneys and the inevitable Museum of Communism and those dedicated to the famous Prague people from Kafka to the painter Alfonso Mucha. 

What to eat in Prague?

Traditional Czech cuisine relies heavily on meat dishes served with dumplings or potatoes. Dishes you must try include goulash, Czech knuckle and beef steak with vegetables (svíčková), one of the most famous local dishes. For vegetarians, we recommend restaurants that offer great fried cheese or vegetarian versions of traditional Czech dishes. It is interesting that about 83,000 immigrants from Vietnam live in the Czech Republic, so it is not surprising that in addition to Czech cuisine, one can also enjoy the best Vietnamese cuisine in Europe.

What to drink in Prague?

The Czech Republic is world famous for its beer. The Czechs are the largest beer drinkers in the world and hold the world record when it comes to beer consumption per capita. Pilsner, one of the most popular types of beer, originates from the Czech city of Plzen. World-famous beer brands, such as Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen, come from the Czech Republic. You should not miss either local draft beers or beers produced in small breweries. Wine and spirits are also popular and good. Moravia is best known for its wine production and over 96 percent of domestic wine comes from this region.

These are best beer places in Prague:

  • – The most famous brewery in Prague is the old Czech brewery U Medvidku, which pours its beer, and is one of the oldest breweries in the city. For six centuries of existence, this bar has retained a unique interior design, old-fashioned decoration, and, most importantly, excellent beer quality.
  • U Fleku , the pub, inspired by October motifs and love for beer, is often crowded and overflowing with tourists. There is a brewery in Flek, which is the oldest in Prague and to this day serves only one type of beer. In addition to beer, guests can enjoy sausage or goulash.