A Dreamy Winter Vacation At Borealis Basecamp

More than a comfortable place to relax in one of the most intriguing and exciting destinations in the world, Borealis Basecamp invites you to stay in superior rooms housed in luxurious and atypical needles.

These unique igloos now have all the modern comforts and more – they are designed to allow their guests to admire the sky and thus enjoy the Northern Lights’ spectacle. You must admit this is the most magical manifestation of nature, right?

Elegant furniture, optimized space, bathroom, and kitchenette – these units contain everything you need to make your stay perfectly comfortable and unforgettable. Borealis Basecamp is an ideal location where you can have a unique experience, making time seem to stand still.

Much more than a simple resort offering unique accommodation, Borealis Basecamp provides a whole range of experiences that you can enjoy during your stay.
A guided tour of the Arctic Circle, a snowmobile ride, hiking in the woods with teams of sled dogs, discovering the local fauna (especially reindeer), a typical sauna experience – all these activities will make your stay even more unforgettable.

Borealis Basecamp offers a hinterland discovery with its massive snow-covered panoramas in a helicopter to further enhance