Istanbul Food Guide For 2021

Turkish specialties for many travelers from the Western Hemisphere are very specific and represent a completely different and exotic food. However, it is a very special experience to try Turkish specialties right after they prepare them.

It is interesting that Constantinople is the place where the most lavish banquets were held during the best years of the Ottoman Empire. At that time, a culture of lavish feasts developed in it, which is still typical for Turkey, but also for other countries that were part of its empire.

Get ready to embark on a journey to get to know this fascinating city on the Bosphorus and Turkish food, as well as the magnificent sights it is proud of.

Let’s start with Turkish drinks

Something completely different, which you probably don’t know until now, is a drink called “ayran”. It consists of cold yogurt, water, and salt. This drink is so popular in Turkey and you should definitely try it out.

If you are wondering what you can drink with wonderful meals, typical Turkish drinks are what we recommend. You probably already know them – they are Turkish tea (Çay) and Turkish coffee.

Of course, there is also a turkish brandy – this alcoholic beverage is definitely not for everyone, but after the third glass, judging by the experiences of our passengers – it becomes everyone’s favorite!

How about Turkish Sweets?

We have great news for all people that adore sweets – you will love Turkey!

Let’s start with halva, a favorite dessert of the East. The taste of halva melting in your mouth is definitely something you have to treat yourself with. There are, of course, Turkish delights, baklava, and other cakes.

All Turkish desserts are recognizable by their caramel color and exceptional sweetness. Turkish sweets should definitely be on your “I have to try in Istanbul” list.

With these tips, we are sure that you will not resist trying Turkish national food either. We promise that by trying them you will complete your experience of Istanbul, which in itself is already fascinating enough.

Main dishes – things you should definitely try in Istanbul

Rich spiced oriental Turkish cuisine is something we are already familiar with. However, as we said – the Turks are the ones who prepare them in an original way.

First of all, there is a kofte! This wonderful Turkish specialty, known to us as meatballs, does not have to be served only for appetizers – in larger quantities and with the addition of sour milk, in addition to the standard tomato sauce, meatballs are served as a traditional Turkish main dish.

There is also doner kebab – a typical Turkish dish made from meat roasted on an upright skewer. In Istanbul, you will find kebabs at every turn – both on the street and in restaurants in the center. It is traditionally made from lamb, but today it is most often beef kebab.

In addition to meat, many other side dishes go with the kebab, which is placed together in a hot and delicious bun. Kebab influenced the appearance of Greek gyros and oriental shawarma, so it is considered a forerunner of these equally delicious national dishes.

Sarma and stuffed peppers, as well as stuffed eggplant, are also Turkish specialties that you must try! By the way, many other traditional Turkish dishes are based on filling a variety of foods and then preparing them in countless ways.

As you walk along the Bosphorus promenade in Istanbul, be prepared to see a large selection of dishes called “balik ekmek”. Try it – it’s a grilled fish sandwich, made from fresh catch!