Bucket List Airport Lounges

Guilty as charged! We have craved the airport lounges to the point that we occasionally carry a suitcase around the house and carefully wipe the dust off our passports. That inspired us to explore the most beautiful lounge areas at airports around the world. However, in this situation, we would agree to sit on the bare floor just to get everything back to normal. But then we look at how good these spaces can look, and yet we change our minds.

In the past, everyone was equipped with light-colored furniture in a very minimal style, but today there are more and more of those whose design could exclusively be described as luxurious. Because of these lounges, it is worth it to take a later connecting flight.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Lounge

A few years ago, Air France hired renowned designer Mathieu Lehanneur to design the space of their business lounge at Terminal 2E. In the central part it has very elegant curved booths in navy plush where guests can enjoy French specialties. In the middle of the space, Mathieu integrated a circular LED screen on the floor on which a shot of the sky from dawn to dusk rotates. In addition, there is a massive marble bar and golden accents on the ceiling that give everything a sleek and sophisticated look. Perfect.

Platov Airport Business Lounge

The city of Rostov-on-Don is the industrial and cultural center of the southern part of Russia, so as expected, Platov Airport is an important and large airport of 50,000 square meters. Bureau VOX Architects was tasked with designing the Business Lounge section for international flights. They decided on a solution that is functional, but also very attractive. The reception is constructed as an art object, it is in the shape of a large ball of light that symbolizes the sun and the bar “cuts” it in half. The lounge has 65 seats, and the passengers can decide which zone they like best. Colors, textures and light are chosen so that they instantly cause a relaxing effect.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Aiport Lounge

Wondering what a Maharaja’s lounge would look like? Then you inevitably have to explore the GVK Business Lounge in Mumbai. The granite on the floor is covered with oriental carpets, and the ceiling with details in gold. There are so many details that your eyes will just wander, from small mosaic tiles on the walls of the dining area, through arabesques carved in the screens, all the way to the oriental chandeliers with dozens in this space. However, you can see everything later, because here they also offer the option of a free massage of 15 minutes (head or feet, of your choice), which is actually necessary for every passenger in transit. And after that, the recommendation is to investigate which Indian specialties are on the menu of the restaurant within.

Guarulhos Airport Lounge

Passengers of the Star Alliance, if they find themselves in Sao Paulo, can relax in a very nice lounge that is decorated in the style that is popular in Brazil. The large space is dominated by wood and natural materials, there are pieces of furniture made of woven rope and ceramic details that give warmth. What is interesting is that the furniture is mostly handmade, and some of the most talented designers in the country took part in it. So, when you relax here you can see a small cross-section of the Brazilian design scene. It is a space that is more reminiscent of the lobby of the finest five-star hotel than the lounge where passengers are waiting for the next flight.