Luxurious Pearl In Ibiza

After a period of quarantine and self-isolation, life is finally getting better, so it is only a matter of time before we meet again at our favorite destinations…today, we present you a pearl of Ibiza.

Is there a better location for the first vacation after a few months that we made between our four walls, than Ibiza? The idyllic Talamanca beach in Ibiza also features Nobu Ibiza Bay, which is a fantastic five-star destination. If your plans take you there, we advise you to book at least one night in the Nobu Penthouse Apartment. It offers the ultimate casual luxury.

With an ideal location just three kilometers from the city center of Ibiza, this hotel will offer you the privacy of a luxury villa by the sea.

The grand duplex apartment is magnificently styled. You will have a luxury villa with more than 200 square meters of space to relax and enjoy. The apartment is really bulky and contains a king-size master bedroom, with two additional luxury guest bedrooms. When you step into your penthouse, you will be greeted by a grand entrance. Further from there you will find a living room, dining room and kitchen for complete enjoyment.

The penthouse apartment is at the very top of the hotel and is decorated with floor-to-ceiling windows. It has amazing views of the Mediterranean, the bay and the city center. Magnificent apartment with a natural color palette harmoniously blends with luxurious and charming pieces of furniture. In addition to this penthouse, part of this hotel are four restaurants and bars offering a variety of options. Nobu Ibiza Restaurant will delight you with its Japanese fusion cuisine, while you will be able to enjoy fresh seafood on the beach.