Holiday Destinations For Every Season

The good news is that more people can’t wait to travel after being in quarantine for so long. 2021 is the fascinating time for travel. The coming year’s big trends will shed light on lots of exciting, unsung destinations and reveal new sides to old favorites, as well. Overcrowding in popular destinations is increasingly hitting headlines. But savvy travelers will find some hidden gems are even better off season. So, let’s start planning our trip!

Greek Islands In Spring

Traveling to Greece during off season will save you some money. You will find cheaper flights and hotels. Restaurants and bars will also have great deals. Plus, the further south into the Mediterranean you head, the warmer you’ll be: seek out Santorini for vineyards and sexy seaside cabanas. Great weather, no crowds and no tourist costs. Perfect holiday destination.

 “Fall” For San Francisco

Autumn is the season of clear blue skies and sunny, California-dreamy days – ideal for biking over the bridge, riding cable cars and taking in the scenery from hilltops and towers (Twin Peaks and Coit are the best). Also, It’s harvest season in  Napa and Sonoma Wine Country.

Ibiza In The Winter

Winter on the White Isle might sound like madness, but this is the best time to experience Ibiza. Cool, sunny days. Perfect weather for strolls through peaceful villages (San Carlos, Santa Agnès, and Santa Gertrudis). You will enjoy the coastal paths with winter almond blossom, plus views of the gorgeous Mediterranean. 

Summer in Montreux

Located right on Lake Geneva, the Swiss town of Montreux makes a great summer vacation destination thanks to its satisfying temperatures in the 70s and variety of outdoor activities. When the weather warms up, hike through caves to the scenic outlook at Rochers de Naye peak. Or, spend a more leisurely afternoon on a panoramic wine tour through the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces.