UFO Tour In Sedona, Arizona

Things Are Not What They Seem In Sedona, Arizona

I recently went to Sedona, Arizona, Strictly for a UFO tour. Sedona, Arizona IS OPEN amongst other states during this COVID19 Crisis. I have always had a curiosity regarding Extra-terrestrials and UFO Phenomena. While Searching a Sedona website, I stumbled onto one of the most glorious things I have seen on the internet. A flippin UFO tour in Sedona, Arizona. I booked it, hopped into my truck and was on my way.

What The UFO Tour Entails

Michael, the tour guide, offers two types of tours. The regular tour with random people, or a private tour. You can sign up or visit his website here, SEDONA UFO TOURS. Michael is a contactee. Meaning he has had contact with Aliens. Micheal has a whole interesting resume as well and he will tell you about it. He is literally and open book for questions and we will get to that later.

Regular UFO Tour

The normal tour, with random people, will cost you $88 and is payable through paypal. So you can use a card like the Citi Double Cash card, or the Chase Freedom Unlimited to earn rewards.

What you get is a 60-90 min experience in a dirt lot not far from the main road. You are given state of the art Night vision goggles that turn night into day, making all of the stars and objects above you visible as well as the surrounding landscapes.

Private UFO Tour

The Private UFO tour is also 60-90 minutes long and Michael comes to your BnB or hotel. It is the same deal as the Normal Tour except this will cost you $100 and you need a minimum of 3 people. The best part of this tour is the fact that you have Michael all to yourself and again, you can ask hm anything you want. Especially about his Extraterrestrial contact.

My Interstellar Experience

I honestly had no idea what to expect on this tour. I signed up because I was researching what I could do in Sedona, AZ just to get away because it was open for travel as other states are currently still trying to open back up. But I found Sedona UFO Tours and read that it was led by a Contactee, so I was completely in on this. Having really no expectations, it blew my mind.

I drove to the meeting point for the tour (in back of a hot dog restaurant). There was another couple, the husband claimed he was also a contactee. Michael quickly showed up and explained what we would be doing and to then follow him to the location in our own vehicles.

Once there, He explained how to use our night vision goggles he was issuing us and what to look out for. We began by starring into the sky and seeing the brilliance of the cosmos. Michael quickly pointed out satellites and airplanes and then quickly pointed out objects that moved differently from satellites, and these were spaceships.

Michael Went into detail about the physics behind what makes UFO’s move. We talked about secret societies, various other conspiracies, things he did while working for the US govt, his stories regarding his contact experience and more! The best thing about all of this was, was everything was so absolutely plausible and tied into everything, literally everything in life. Michael mentioned to not believe anything he said, but told us to go and do our own research to find our own truth to things. WILD!

Bottom Line

If you find yourself going to Arizona, hell, even if you aren’t going there, make it a priority to go to Sedona and do this UFO tour. Even if you are skeptical, this is still super entertaining and you can debate the tour guide. Sedona has a plethora of other things to do as well, like ATV tours, Helicopter tours, Hiking, Mountain Biking, food, the list goes on! I found this to be my favorite and one of the biggest highlights of traveling and I plan on going again when I have the chance. I shall now go in peace.