Guide To Kotor, Montenegro

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Planning to visit the Balkans? Make sure not to miss out on some of the must do things in Kotor, Montenegro! It is a stunning Balkan gem. There’s so much to see and do in Kotor, from beaches, old churches, going to The Old CIty, restaurants, and many more.

There has been an increase in the number of tourists visiting Kotor. This small city has so many beautiful historical landmarks that are very well preserved. Located by the Bay of Kotor, this city used to be a prominent port for sailors that settle and traders. Kotor has Mediterranean weather, so it is blessed with warm summer and mild winter. Kotor is enjoyable all year round. Let’s plan our trip!


Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport is an international airport serving the Montenegrin coastal town of Tivat and the surrounding region. The airport is located 3 km south of the centre of Tivat. Get to the airport early , check in bags, be sure to take a look at a map of the terminal. Listen carefully while you’re waiting for your flight. There doesn’t seem to be a tannoy system at the ‘gates’. In a budget? Skip the food court and just grab coffee or snacks at the vending machine.

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When you arrive, choose your taxi driver carefully. Some drivers aren’t honest with the prices. They will try to make you pay close to double of the amount. So i recommend, trying to pre-arrange your pickup rather than leave things to chance when you arrive. 

Where To Stay

To get the best weather in a much less crowded city, the best time to go to Kotor is in June and September. Some hotels in Kotor close from late October to early April, but usually, those Kotor hotels that stay open during those months offer very low rates for the guests. There are plenty of hotels, apartments and airbnb’s to stay at all through out the town. Here are a few favorites:

Hotels/ Apartments

Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro

Apartments Castello

Guesthouse Anita

Old Town Castle Apartment

Where To Eat

Tanjga – Incredible food at a great price. Friendly place, always full of people from all around the world which tells you how great it is! Definitely a must try when you are in Kotor. Traditional Balkan food. Meat and potatoes!

Konoba Scala Santa– Small Mediterranean restaurant inside the old city of Kotor. You will find great seafood and pasta that will make you want to come back! Must try  the truffle gnocchi.

Caffe Pizzeria Pronto – Great pizza in Kotor’s old city.

Astoria Restaurant– Great restaurant in a great location. Brunch? Try the Eggs Benedict. Dinner? Try the grilled sea bass! Most beautiful patio and busy atmosphere with outdoor seating.

 Hoste– Grab drinks, craft beer or coffee at this great bar! Enjoy drinks and a little snack before or after a busy day!

What To Do

 Kotor is the city that has many events, traditional and modern. Its rich history and authentic architecture makes you fall in love with the town the very first time you visit.   Kotor is, without a doubt, the city for every season!

Head to the Old City

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Old Town Kotor is a medieval town surrounded and protected by walls. Many tourists agree that Old Town is the best kept medieval town in the whole Mediterranean area. The authenticity of the town is protected by the 20-meter wall that has been standing there for over a thousand years. Check out the local shops and restaurants. There are a lot of steps that you need to climb to get to St. John’s Fortress, but the trail is easiest for people of any age because it is not that physically challenging.

Grand Arms Square

If you are looking for a spot to go people-watching, to embrace the atmosphere of the locals in Kotor. It is probably best to go there in the evening. Find yourself a seat at the terrace of lavish Hotel Vardar, one of the best hotels in Kotor. You can try the local beer brand, Niksicko, enjoy as you sit back and watch the city come to life.

The Idyllic Town

When you take a trip to Kotor, you can have a day tour from Kotor to Perast. You will be amazed by the many towers, Baroque palaces and churches found there. The town is put in the UNESCO heritage sites list.

After you finish wandering around the town of Perast, relax and grab something to eat in one of the restaurants found in the waterfront area.

Sail Away

Our Lady of The Rocks is a must see in the Bay of Kotor. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kotor. You can take a boat ride from Kotor to head to this magnificent island. Our Lady of The Rocks is a human-made island. It was made by sinking old ships. The name comes from the Catholic church built on it. The church is named Our Lady of The Rocks Church.

Relax on the beach

Head to Dobrec Beach. This one of the most beautiful Kotor tourist attractions is a paradise. A quiet and secluded spot to enjoy the touch of sun and water on your skin. The small beach can only be reached by boat. You need to rent a boat from the town to get to the Beach. Enjoy the clear and perfect water, the quietness, every single thing that you are looking for in an ideal beach.