Best Virtual Hiking Routes

Even if you thought you weren’t a particular hiker, being in quarantine certainly convinced you otherwise. Because there is no better feeling than a long aimless walk, and your only task is to pay attention to the environment as you cross the miles. Certainly your mind will clear up and you will be in a much better mood. Clearly, quarantine is still present in many parts of the world, so we suggest virtual tours.

These are Youtube videos that follow the routes of some of the most beautiful places to walk in the world. Yes, these are exactly the videos you might never give a chance in normal circumstances. We are sure that you will be inspired for the next trip, as well as to have more fun with this healthy hobby.

Forest/Beach- Ecola State Park, Oregon Coast – Greenish Virtual Hiking

Perfect conditions for a walk by the ocean? A beautiful sunny day, as if created to observe the ocean colliding with rocky beaches with a background made of dense, green forest … This is exactly what you will see in this video that follows the popular walking trail that leads through Ecola State Park. This may be the simplest script you’ve ever heard, but it’s really great, especially because of the fantastic scenery that doesn’t need actors and plot at all.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This is one of those places that you will first think was made up. But that is exactly why there is a 4K video of three hours that will take you through an amazing green tunnel in the city of Klevan in Ukraine. A train used to pass there, but since then only old rails have remained, while everything has been taken over by the magnificent nature. Enjoy!

Positano, Italy – Romantic Virtual Hiking

The Italian coast in all its variants is a magical experience. As it is really difficult for us to reach the coast and the charming village of Positano, the solution is to “walk” along the edge of the cliffs. The video will take you through the narrow cobbled streets, you will peek into the big church, look at the daily menus of the restaurant, go down to the beach…

Redwood National Park

When you see and hear this 4K video of virtual hiking, you will have the feeling like you are in the middle of the forest, smelling clear air, cold and hearing birds. These types of videos bring a lot of value to people who can’t partake on the great outdoors and it would give you an amazing dose of meditation.