Take A Day Trip To The Bahamas From Miami

The easiest and affordable way to day trip to the Bahamas from Miami or Fort Lauderdale is to travel by ferry. The ferry ride takes under 3 hours to get to the Bahamas. They offer round-trip tickets for less than a one-way ticket from the airlines.

What to do in the Bahamas?

The average day trip to the Bahamas gives you 6-8 hours on the island. During a day trip from Miami to Bimini, you’d manage to have time to lounge . The beachfront Hilton property features restaurants, a casino, and pools. Some visitors choose to visit the hub of the island, Alice town, for shopping.

Freeport, on the other hand, offers a little more for those day trippers that are looking for adventure or culture. Check out Lucayan National Park it’s known for the world’s largest stretch of underwater caves. The Pirates of the Caribbean was also filmed there. In Freeport, you can also find many beachfront resorts that offer beachfront dining, water activities, horseback riding.

If you’re willing to stay for a few days, you can book your own resort on the island of your preference. You can also book a few nights on the cruise ship for a low price. That makes visiting the Bahamas from South Florida a budget friendly trip.

Why you should not fly to the Bahamas from Florida?

Flights to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale Airport, Miami Airport, or Palm Beach Airport average $250 round trip in the slow season. Taking a ferry to the Bahamas takes about the same time you would need to arrive at an airport plus waiting for luggage , etc.

Ferries are less restrictive about the baggage fees and you a great view of the ocean during your trip. Your vacation starts as soon as you’re on the ferry. Additionally, cheap day trips by plane are not possible. A private plane for a one day trip to the Bahamas averages $700 per passenger for a 6 hour day in Bimini.

Miami Ferry to Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale Ferry to the Bahamas

There are many private boats that claim that they charge as little as $69 for round-trip day tickets to the Bahamas. Please beware about these private charters and make sure you ask the right questions to the captions about immigration, time on the island, and safety records (including insurance).

There are two main ferries offering day trips and multi-night trips to the Bahamas from Miami and Fort Lauderdale that are credible and trusted by tourists.

FRS Caribbean

Cost: $69.95 for taxes and Hilton Resort Fee ($10) for Day Trips and $250-$350 roundtrips for extended stays (3-10 nights) not including hotel.  

Balearia Express

Cost: $119 Day Trip or $149 Multi-Day  

Check their Websites for Availability and Check Groupon for Deals! Enjoy your trip!

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