The Chase Tri-Force Of Credit Cards

The Holiest of Holy, The Chase Triforce. It feels heavy and powerful when held in one’s hand and it IS!

Are you are looking to boost the amount of Ultimate Rewards points you are earning? The Chase Tri-Force of cards is for you. The Chase Tri-Force includes the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and either Sapphire Card. The Preferred of Reserve.

You can already get great value on your returns using the Chase Sapphire cards when redeeming your UR Points (Ultimate Rewards) for travel using Chase’s transfer partners.Use them to book flights. Or, score amazing stays with their hotel partners by using their travel portal to book flights. You get 20% or 50% more value out of your UR Points, depending on what Sapphire card you have. Using the Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited card to increase your points. Then combine them to your Sapphire card account. This can earn you even more points and increase the value of both of those cards. These cards are referred to by many as the “Chase Trifecta” of cards. Or as I like to say, being a fan of Nintendo’s game ZELDA, the “Tri-Force” of Chase Cards.

Simply put, you are using each card to maximize your earning potential with that specific card. You are doing it by spending in that card’s specific category that earns the most return. Then combine those points earned on the Chase UR portal. Now the points are worth 20% more with the Preferred Card, or 50% more with the Reserve Card.

The Chase Freedom Card

Use the Freedom card to earn 5% cash back in its quarterly spend categories.

The Freedom Card is a zero annual fee card that will earn you 5% cash back in it’s quarterly spend categories. In other terms, 5x the points, up to $1,500 each quarter. The spending categories change 4 times a year, every 3 months. You will need to log onto your Chase account and go into the chase portal for the Freedom card and activate the cash back category. Do this in order to start earning your bonus spending. The categories change like I mentioned every 3 months. They include categories like Gas, Groceries, Drug Stores, Dept. Stores, etc.  This is a great No-Annual Fee card to use in the Chase Tri-Force.

You can earn up to $75 in UR points. By combining the points to your Sapphire Reserve account, it makes the points worth 50% more, making the total points earned $112.50. Now, multiply that by 4 and you have earned yourself $450 in points for the year compared to the normal $300 you’d earn using this card alone. Enough to earn you a potential round trip ticket or two for airfare.

Take in mind, all other spending on this card other than the bonus category is only 1% cash back with all other purchases. Make a Note: This card HAS foreign transaction fees if used outside the United States.

Chase shows the 5% cash back categories and your Cap of 5% cash back earnings.
Chase announces its upcoming spend categories typically about 15 days before the next quarter.

You can use your Freedom card at groceries stores to buy gift cards for Amazon to earn 5% cash back.

The Freedom card has some great value when combined to your sapphire accounts.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited

Earn 1.5x the points on everyday spend across the board.

The Freedom Unlimited Card is a superb card for anyone to have in their Credit card portfolio. With a zero annual fee, and the ability to earn 1.5x the points on ALL purchases. This card of the Chase Tri-Force, is the card to use for paying bills. Any in-store purchases for items or things you need that the Chase portal does not have. Amazon shopping or gas (when the freedom doesn’t have the cash back category). Put it this way, if it doesn’t fall in the travel/dining category or 5% cash back category, you are to use this card. Note: this card HAS foreign transaction fees, so the Sapphire cards are the “go-to” cards when making purchases outside the United States. I was able to pay my rent with this card every month and would earn a grip of points doing that every month. The 1.5 points per dollar I would earn added up quickly.

Again, combine these points to your Sapphire card into order to make them worth more when you redeem these points for travel.

UR points combined to your Sapphire Reserve account can present extreme value, making your points worth 50% more

You get 50% more value with your points on the Chase Sapphire Reserve which lets you use less points to book that dream vacation

Chase Sapphire Reserve

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the best travel cards out there

I have mentioned the value of this card and what it can do for you when used properly. Your goal is to never earn less than 1point per $1. So combining the points you earn using the two freedom cards to your Sapphire card, Preferred or Reserve (I happen to use the Reserve) can benefit you greatly. 

The Sapphire Reserve Card has many benefits that I have explained in other posts. Like 3x the points on Travel and Dining spend, $300 annual travel credit, Complimentary TSA/Global entry, access to airport lounges, travel protections, no foreign transaction fees, LYFT Pink membership and a 50% bonus in your UR points. Not to mention the ability to transfer your UR points to travel partners to find niche award seats in premium classes.

Transfer Chase UR Points to travel partners like UnitedMileage Plus program to score seats with Swiss Airlines in their premium seats

Bottom Line

The Chase Tri-Force can be an extremely lucrative way to earn a grip of Chase UR Points in order to help you save a ton of money on getting to your next dream vacation or just save you money on your next travel destination. Knowing the spend categories for each card will ultimately help you in making sure you are maximizing on your return for your spending on your everyday purchases. Familiarizing yourself with the Chase travel partners and the chase travel portal will also help you in that quest as well. 

Always Triploaf and keep your journey fun and interesting…Let’s Go!!!

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