Air corridor for business trips: Soon or?

The opening of air corridors for business travel between major world cities and financial centers is an initiative of the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), in order to continue with such trips that have been stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Business travel globally brings in about $272 billion, and the first test air corridor could be between London and New York airports, the WTTC said in a statement. Such an air corridor would be of great importance for the two large financial centers. It would also affect the revival of international business travel, but would also help start the recovery of the global economy.

WTTC points out that business travel brings big profits to airlines, especially flights across the Atlantic. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, fewer and fewer companies and employees are opting for business travel. Precisely for security reasons, the WTTC also calls for the launch of pilot coronavirus testing programs within the air corridor in two tests at the airports themselves at intervals of a few days.

It is believed that this would make it easier and faster to identify infected passengers, but perhaps completely avoid or at least reduce the two-week quarantine – to just four to six days.

On the other hand, although business travel has almost stopped and the world has reoriented itself to video meetings, many say that business travel actually saves money for small companies. Anyhow, people love business trips, and that they will continue to the same extent as soon as the pandemic passes.

The World Travel and Tourism Council believes that the resumption of international business travel across the Atlantic could be of great benefit to the entire travel and tourism sector. Airline companies would primarily benefit, but also hotels, travel agencies, and other companies that deal with the organization of travel and transport agencies in road traffic, which would eventually lead to the revival of tens of thousands of endangered jobs.