Best Beaches In Skiathos

You have decided to have an unforgettable vacation this summer and now you are not sure where to go? You want a new experience, but you have already “used” all the suggestions. Listen to ours, because here are a few words about the beautiful beaches in Skiathos.

Whether you are in the mood for relaxation, peace, quiet and family atmosphere, or you like to have fun, music, nightlife and entertainment, Skiathos will not leave you indifferent. This Greek island with 66 beaches that are 15 kilometers long can offer everything you want. No wonder they call it “Aegean paradise”. If you like to explore and change beaches, we suggest the southern coast of Skiathos.

In this part, the beaches are really beautiful, sandy, protected from the wind and with a lot of sandy bays bordered by pine forests. The northern part of this Greek island is a bit more inaccessible, with a stronger wind, fewer beaches, but don’t be fooled. If you are able, visit this part of the island as it is much quieter. Skiathos is known for its very good public transport as well as numerous opportunities to rent scooters cheaply, so we have no doubt that you will visit several beaches.

We have singled out five beaches for you that are quite different from each other.


Koukounaries is probably the most famous beach on this Greek island. The white sand bordered by noise will delight you. The organization of this beach is at an enviable level, so you will not miss anything. We recommend it if you are the type who enjoys events on the beach. Bars, taverns, deck chairs for rent, water sports, hotels and transportation every half hour, make this beach a real tourist paradise. Often, you can see a real attraction on it – black swans that you can take pictures with and annoy them a bit.

Agia Eleni Beach

If you are a fan of romance, be sure that the sunset on this beach, which is located on the west coast of this Greek island, will be something you will not forget. Agia Eleni is an urban beach, with two bars, the possibility to play volleyball or some other sport, use deck chairs and showers. And it is not unusual to attend one of the daily parties. It is recommended that you go to this beach early to ensure a good place, a parasol and see that magical sunset!

Kehria Beach

When we talk about this beach the first thought is peace. You can completely relax here because it is not one of the most popular and for that reason it is on our list – something for those who do not like noise and urban beaches. This beach is easiest to reach by boat because the road is not easy, which is why it is not the most visited, but the ambiance will go under your skin. Good food, taverns, turquoise water, everything is there for your enjoyment.

Tzaneria Beach

Here is a suggestion for one of the southern beaches. Its feature is a large number of boats that will surely be interesting to you if you want a variety of photos. It is especially interesting for families because there are attractions that are intended for children. It also belongs to the organized beaches, so the choice of drinks and food will not let you down.

Bananistas Beach

How can we finish with this post without mentioning the most attractive beach of Skiathos? This is the right choice for the younger ones because parties on this beach are something you should not miss. It is located on the west side of the island, so you will not miss the beautiful sunset, which is really special here. Phenomenal atmosphere, cocktails, sandy beach, can you imagine better?

Whichever option you choose, Skiathos is the right destination for your vacation this summer.