Discover New Orleans With Us

New Orleans is a city where Caribbean, American, French and African cultures collide in a brilliant explosion of tastes, emotions and sounds. It shines just above Mississippi River. The heart of the city lies between the river and Lake Pontchartrain.

A Little Bit Of History About New Orleans

It was founded by the French in 1718, belonged to the Spaniards for a while, and then became French again. It was sold to the United States in 1803 by Napoleon himself. It was then that his rapid growth and development of the great port began. It was a center for growing cotton and sugar cane, but unfortunately also a slave trade.

Due to the specific position the city no longer had room for further development, which is why at the beginning of the 20th century, drainage systems were built, with embankments and dams. Unfortunately, this proved to be a particularly aggravating circumstance when in 2005 New Orleans was hit by one of the strongest hurricanes in history – Katrina. The hurricane knocked down the dam towards the river and the lake and the city was flooded.

However, the city known by the nickname “Big Easy” rose to its feet and remained one of the favorite American tourist destinations. Here are just a few reasons why it is worth a visit.

Music In New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its importance to the world of music. Thanks to the intertwined European, African and Latin influences, a unique musical heritage began to be created here in the colonial era. At the beginning of the 20th century, European musical instruments and African rhythms were merged into a new musical direction that would conquer the world – jazz originated in New Orleans. Later, this city was important for the development of blues. You can enjoy live gigs all over the city. The New Orleans Jazz Historic Park is located in the Treme district. One of the city’s most important events is the Jazz Festival, which attracts renowned musicians and young hopes of jazz every year.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is the right time to visit New Orleans if you like fun and good time. However, this is also a time of great crowds and significantly more expensive accommodation prices. The festival is celebrated throughout Louisiana, and the best time is in New Orleans. It is celebrated for two weeks and there is a cheerful carnival atmosphere, with costumed parades and balls.

For All Food Lovers

New Orleans residents are especially proud of their cuisine. Among the dishes that must be tried here are gumbo – a type of paprika with okra, jambalaya – a dish of meat, vegetables and rice, but also the famous overloaded po’boys and muffuletta sandwiches. There are also various fish, shrimp and shellfish specialties, as well as traditional turtle soup. Favorite sweets are the famous beignets, similar to donuts.

Amazing Hospitality

Southerners are also known as hospitable hosts, so a few years ago New Orleans was chosen as the second most hospitable city in the United States, after San Francisco. The locals are friendly, ready to help and give good advice, as well as to direct you to their favorite restaurant or bar. However, it should be noted that although it is one of the most hospitable, New Orleans is not one of the safest cities in the United States, so visitors are advised to take the usual precautions, especially in tourist areas and during night outs.