10 Best Things To Do In Queenstown, New Zealand

The 10 Best Things To Do When in Queenstown, New Zealand

Kia Ora! Queenstown, New Zealand is by far one of the most beautiful cities (if you can even call it a city) to visit. It is chalked-full of adventurous activities, from adrenaline fueled outings to leisure hikes through its landscapes. Queenstown is a city on the South island of New Zealand. Home to many ex-pats chasing seasonal jobs, visiting tourists from just about everywhere, and the Kiwi folk who were born and raised. It is diverse in it’s people, food, landscape and activities. Here are the 10 best things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand.

1. Bungee Jump

The Nevis Jump at 440 ft. I had 8.5 seconds of free fall. Exhilarating!

Queenstown, New Zealand is known for Bungee jumping and with the second highest jump in the world, Nevis, this is an absolute must! I myself made the Jump, twice! This is 134 meters or 440 ft high and gives you 8.5 seconds of free fall. There are a few other Bungee Jump locations as well with different heights and aspects of the jump. AJ Hackett is the company that owns these and has a superb safety record as well.

2. Sky Dive

How does a 15,000 ft jump sound?

Ever wanted to sky dive? Queenstown might be one of the most perfect places to take a leap of faith out of a plane. With multiple locations to choose from, you have your pick. Looking to Jump from 15,000ft? Check out SkyDive Southern Alps. They will set you up and give you the experience of a lifetime. Fun fact, In 2019 during the Chinese new year, Queenstown had over 400 jumps in one day. Nobody died! Pretty good odds for those thrill seekers out there.

3. Mountain Biking

Queenstown has an amazing area for downhill Mtn. Biking. Numerous single tracks.

Riding a bike is a great way to get around an area, get some exercise to stay active, and take in views. Queenstown has all of it. From leisure bike riding, to extreme downhill tracks. Renting a bicycle is extremely easy to accomplish any of these activities. You can use a site called Viator.com where you can secure a rental and earn American Airline Miles for that next trip. The main downhill course is just a quick 5-10 minute ride from any bike rental shop. Purchase a full-day pass for the Bike Park Ticket at the Skyline gondola for $66USD. The Gondola will take you up all day long and you just need to ride back down.

Get your Fill of Down Hill Tracks for the day.

4. Shotover Jet Boat Canyon Tour

Jet boating is a tourist trap that is absolutely thrilling.

Jet Boating is one of the coolest and most thrilling ways to see Queenstown’s rivers and canyons. This will absolutely leave you exhilarated. From hair-pin turns to butt clenching speeds, you race through sublime canyons that are breath taking. This is definitely a tourist trap, but it’s one I definitely recommend.

5. Day Trip to Milford Sound

Jurassic Park or Milford Sound?

A more relaxed day adventure is taking an excursion to Milford Sound. Described as the 8th wonder of the world, Milford Sound is awe inspiring and majestic. I couldn’t tell if I was in Jurassic Park or New Zealand! It’s a full day adventure for sure. Take a tour boat out into the sound for a tour of the breath taking beauty. There are numerous waterfalls along the entire excursion, that exacerbate their presence when it rains. You can plan on seeing plenty of marine life as well.

Milford Sound’s location is quite remote and there isn’t much out there. You should pack for wet-weather and something to keep you warm as it can get windy and the weather varies extremely. They do have a food cafeteria for meals however as well as a gift shop. But don’t expect much.

If you want to see true beauty, it will be waiting on the boat at milford sound to take your picture.

6. Queenstown Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Queenstown is diverse and delicious. You are able to walk anywhere you want to eat for the most part. Queenstown isn’t large by any means. There are tons of places for ice cream, a small bite, or fancy sit down experiences.

The fare at Madam Woo was delectable and different.

Madam Woo was a great Asian food experience. You can pick anything off of the menu and be quite pleased. A Malaysian fare with twists.

Hawker And Roll is BOMB!

Hawker & Roll, a cheap filling mouth watering option is spectacular! A great place to meet over travelers or fill up on the go. This Malaysian inspire restaurant will not disappoint the professional foodie or the novice eater. Grab a craft beer with your meal.

FERGBURGER! You have options!

Looking for that delicious New Zealand beef? head over to Fergburger. The burgers are juicy, extremely tasty and satisfying. Not many food establishments in Queenstown are open late. Fergburger is! This place is a must to visit. But if you are coming late, be ready for the crowd stumbling out of the bars. Pure entertainment.

Anytime you are getting food, make sure you are using a credit card with zero foreign transaction fees and one that earns a solid return on dining. Cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve for 3x the UR points or The Citi Prestige Card for 5x the ThankYou Points.

7. Bars and Nightlife

Rooftop Bars are a great way to enjoy the fresh air in Queenstown

Queenstown has no shortage when it comes to catering to those looking to get out for the night and enjoy an array of libations. You have your choices of Bars that cater to bumpin’ music, mixed cocktails and frosty craft cold ones. There are tons of choices. There are bars with rooftop terraces as well like JucySnooze. It’s also a great cheap hostel to stay as well. Or spend time making new travel buddies at Cowboys. Full of characters. Thee are plenty of places to explore and none that run out of drinks.

Definitely characters at Cowboys. It gets wild. They have a shuffleboard.

8. Hiking

Queenstown Hill. Hike to have some views and NAAAAAAATUUUURRRRRRRE! (ECHO echo echo)

Queenstown has loads of hiking trails. You could literally do a hiking trail everyday for a week and still have a plethora more trails to hike and explore. You can easily do your own self guided day-hikes or sign-up for guided tour hikes locally. The Franz Josef Glacier has daily guided tours. One of the best self guided hikes would be the Queenstown Hill.

9. Helicopter Tour

whirlly-bird tours allow for some remote tours.

Helicopter tours offer opportunities for touring places in and around Queenstown that most people will never get to experience. They offer eye-popping views, dreamy landscapes, and stepping foot in places that normally are inaccessible. However, don’t expect this adventure to be cheap. Unless you finagle a deal of some sort, I recommend you try. Plan on saving up your allowance before you indulge.

10. Skyline Gondola

Skyline Gondola give you an easy opportunity for views. Image from Skyline Website.

The Skyline Gondola is a cheap and easy outing for anyone and everyone. At the top, you will have views, food, and other fun activities that don’t involve clenching your butthole in fear. Pro Tip: Go for sunset and go early to beat any crowd.

Bottom Line

Queenstown is an incredible place to visit, or even live for that matter. Its beauty and diversity is mind-boggling. An area chalk full of fun and adventure, as well as a place to make lasting memories. Don’t forget that you can book a lot of these activities mentioned using Viator.com through airline shopping portals like American airlines shopping portal. Which can earn you a ton of miles to go towards award travel for your next trip after visiting New Zealand.