Amazing Abandoned Places Of The World

A look at these unique relics of the past takes us into some distant future and conjures up what the world might look like when there are no people. We are introducing you mystical and somewhat scary abandoned places around the world that just won’t leave you indifferent.

Endless Spiral Sintra, Portugal

The initiation Well is one of many interesting things to see and experience at the Quinta da Regaleir grounds. This is a subterranean tower which sinks 27 meters into the hillside near the back of the estate. These wells were used for ceremonial purposes that included Tarot initiation rites. You can easily reach Quinta da Regaleir from Lisbon, taking the train to Sintra.

Six Flags New Orleans, USA

Six Flags New Orleans is a 140-acre, abandoned theme park in New Orleans. It first opened in 2000, but has been closed since it was seriously damaged by flooding during Hurricane Katrina. Today it looks quite scary, like a perfect scenery for a horror movie. Although it is locked down, you can still visit it from the outside.

El Hotel Del Salto, Colombia

The luxurious Hotel del Salto was first built in 1923 as a residential mansion for well-known architect Carlos Arturo Tapias. If you happen to be in Bogota it would be only natural to visit this unique place – just every tourist would go there.

Mont Saint Michel, France

Le Mont Saint-Michel tidal island in beautiful twilight at dusk, Normandy, France

One of the first places to be placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is Mon Saint Michel (Mount Michel) in France, back in 1979. Apart from its beauty, this place is specific to something else. The highest difference in sea level during high tides can be observed here, reaching 15 meters. Although an interesting phenomenon, it is very dangerous for visitors. In any case, it is truly breathtaking.

Hotel Belvédère, Switzerland

Hotel Belvédère was built during the last last major wave of development that began in Switzerland in the 1880s. This hotel is located very close to the roan glacier in a place people call Furka pass. The surrounding area has suffered as well as the hotel as the glacier isn’t as majestic as it was. Anyhow, we have to admit it has the best view ever!

The Tangalooma Shipwrecks, Australia

The sunken ship wrecks on Moreton island are just a 15-20 minute walk up the beach from Tangalooma Island Resort. You can either walk along the beach or hire a beach bike from Tangatours to make the journey much quicker. You can also discover a hidden world under the sea by diving and exploring the shipwrecks at Tangalooma.

The Forgotten Theatre

The Old Theater, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, opened in 1912 and after its closure in 1959 it also served as a tobacco and supermarket warehouse. In recent years, nonprofits have sought to raise money for its renovation.

Witley Court Building

The imposing Witley Court building in England, whose foundations date back to the Middle Ages, suffered extensive damage from a fire in 1937 after which it never recovered. Some parts of the large estate have been restored so that tourists can visit the garden with the large fountain of Perseus and Andromeda, which was one of the symbols of the home of the wealthy Foley and Ward families.

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