Must Visit Places In Vienna For The First Time

The fascinating architecture and rich cultural options make Vienna one of the most visited places in the world. Big Four – Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert have made Vienna a city of classical music. Vienna is not only a city of waltzes, beautiful castles and rich museum collections, but also a place where you can relax with a Sacher cake, enjoy the view from a large panoramic wheel or visit one of the best zoos in Europe.

In this blog post, we will give you a list of some of the must visit places in Vienna that you can visit when you come to this breathtaking city of perfectly decorated facades, beautiful architecture, spacious parks and clean streets.

Hundertwasser House

Hundertwasser became famous in the 60’s for his unusual sense of colors and shapes. As an artist he was involved in painting, sculpture, architecture and print. A great conservationist, he sought to incorporate nature and natural organic forms into his works. The house was opened in 1986, and since Hundertwasser himself did not have the necessary technical knowledge to design the buildings, he had the help of two architects. There is also the Hundertwasser Museum near the house.

Belvedere Castle

The castle actually has two palaces – Upper and Lower Belvedere. Some people claim that Belvedere is the most beautiful baroque building in the world. The magnificent garden is full of sculptures, fountains and water cascades. From the Upper Palace, besides the garden, there is a beautiful view of Vienna. It was built in the 18th century as the summer residence of Prince and Grand Duke Eugene of Savoy. Today, Belvedere Castle is a museum and on its Upper Palace of the castle you will find the largest collection of painter Gustav Klimt in the world.

Schönbrunn Castle

The former summer residence of the Habsburgs is the most visited tourist attractions in Vienna and a place where Austrian history was written. Schönbrunn Castle has beautifully landscaped gardens around the building. Above the palace on the elevation is Gloriette, which once served as a reception hall and has now been transformed into a cafe. From the top of Gloriette you can see the Schönbrunn and panoramic Vienna.


Prater is the largest and most popular Viennese park, a place where tourists and locals stroll, run, or bike. The place where the imperial hunting ground used to be, is now today’s symbol – the famous 1897 wheel, which still raises visitors to 60 meters or 197 feet in height today. There is also the Prater Tower, which moves at a speed of 61 km/h or 38 mph, and rises to a height of 117 meters or 384 feet.

Danube Tower

If you cross the Danube, you will see a beautiful park (yes, a park again), and a tower. It is only from here that one can see that Vienna is not a small city at all. The tower has its own rotating restaurant with the height of 250m or 820 ft. It’s worth going there, though it’s a bit out of the center. The modern Danube tower is one of the most frequently visited Viennese attractions.

Vienna State Opera

One of the most significant opera houses in the world. A prestigious building, a prestigious repertoire and members. Some of the most iconic musicians in the world, in their biographies have had concerts at Vienna State Opera. Nowadays, if you are on strict budget trip, you can still enjoy this extraordinary experience of Viennese opera. Here is how – if you go to the Opera 3 hours before the concert starts, you can buy a pass for just 3 EUR (you will get a seat on the upper seating area, not-attractive levels but at least you can experience it).

Sacher Cake

Saher, Hotel and Cake – Right in the center is the famous Sacher Hotel. It has its own cafe where you can sit down with the famous Sacher cake (with excellent Viennese coffee). They say it’s the only real one, though you have it at every patisserie in the town. They also have beautiful apple strudel and other sweet heavens. The cakes also have packages for delivery in wooden boxes, so you can buy someone a present.

Danube Sailing

Renting a boat and sailing in the city center? Although it sounds like a crazy idea, we found a way for you to enjoy The Danube from the water. Here is where you can rent a boat, or even take a sailing class and enjoy old Danube to its fullest.


Near the Schoenbrunn Castle is the Schoenbrunn Zoo, founded in 1752, making it the oldest zoo in the world. It is one of the best and most modern zoos in Europe and it is home to a myriad of animals from the endangered giant panda, to giraffes, sea lions and sloths.

This is our list of must visit places in Vienna. This city is a place to have a short city-getaway. Here is our guide on how to pack lighter so you won’t have problems with bringing your heavy luggage everywhere you go, even on a 3-day trip to Vienna.