5 Most Beautiful Places In Colombia

Colombia is quickly becoming one of South America’s hottest destinations. Find colonial towns, sandy beaches, captivating scenery, sprawling cities, jungle treks and vibrant street art. Colombia has destinations to suit every kind of traveler. Coffee lovers will be delighted to hear that Colombia’s coffee is among the best in the world! Here are 5 of our picks for most beautiful places in Colombia:


 Bogotá, capital of Colombia,  is no Caribbean beach or Amazon jungle, but a beautiful, mountainous city with much to offer! The cobbled streets of the Candelaria, touristic area, where you can see some incredible graffiti and colorful, old colonial houses. A short hike or a cable car will take you to Monserrate, which offers a stunning view over the city.  Don’t miss out on the street food and fresh juices available on every corner.


If all you are looking to do is go for is a hike through a breathtaking jungle? Then go for a swim in the Caribbean sea. A quick ride from Santa Marta, the entrance of this national park is easy to get to by either taking a hike or riding a horse to get to the coastline . There are several beaches, but beware of the currents! Admire the nature, snorkel and sip fresh coconut water – when you get tired of resting, you can also hike the nearby hill to the ruins of Pueblito or check out the nudist beach. Tayrona has drinkable water but the food is expensive so it is a good idea to bring some food if you are on a budget.


Piedra del Penol, also known as the “Rock of Guatape”, In 1954 a few locals were the first to climb the rock, taking five days.  At the top, they discovered a breathtaking view! A platform and stairs were built and the rock have since become a popular tourist attraction. It takes about 20 minutes to ascend the rock’s 740 steps. The climb is a lot easier than it looks as the stairs are wide and you can stop for breaks. Near the summit of the rock is a cafe where you can relax and have a snack or drink.


Jardin is a quiet coffee town in Colombia, not that far from Medellin,  more off-the-beaten-path and less touristy. Therefore, in the Jardin’s square it boasts with coffee houses, every coffee house has its own colorfully hand-painted chairs and tables outside set throughout the plaza, and what is the most interesting, any time of the day we came, tables are usually taken by locals enjoying their coffee.  Be sure to visit a coffee farm to learn about the coffee-making process. Take a ride in a classic wooden cable car to see a view of the town and surrounding mountains.


Often called the “River of Five Colours” or the “Liquid Rainbow”. An explosion of natural color known as “the river that ran away from paradise.” Caño Cristales is a river that displays red, yellow, orange, green and blue colors from July to November every year. The red color appears because of the Macarenia clavigera plant which grows in the riverbed. The river mostly looks red, but depending on which angle you look at the river, you may also see other colors because of the black rocks, green algae, blue water and yellow sand. Caño Cristales is located in a remote, isolated area not easily accessible by road. Adventurous tourists can now fly into the nearby town of La Macarena. From there it is a short trip to “Serrania de la Macarena,” the national park in which Caño Cristales is located.