How To Kill Time At The Airports?

When we travel by plane, it usually happens that we have flights that make us wait as much as ten or more hours. And sometimes it happens that we miss the flight or our flight gets delayed so we have to spend some time at the airport again. But what to do while we wait for that flight?
As we are frequent travelers and people that like to do deeper research, we came up with a list of ideas on how to kill time in a fun or productive way. 

Take A Walk

Yes, go around the whole airport and take that as a good dose of physical activity. This is the first phase on how to kill time at the airport. We are sure you will feel good afterwards. Even better, you can set yourself a goal of how many steps you would like to score, and then you will be super happy of achieving something cool for yourself. 

Discover Your Final Destination

Buy a map for the places you are going to or just connect to the internet and research about your destination. In this way you will better organize your trip and by the way your flight time will pass faster. Maybe you can even pick your favourite 5 spots that you will definitely visit on your trip. 

Connect To The Free WiFi

You must have a laptop or cellphone with you, so you can always surf, read some interesting things, or watch a movie or series. In that case, the time will pass very quickly…

Talk To Some People Around You

Although this may seem like a bad idea to many, why not? If there is a solo traveler near you, simply start a conversation. In a very short time, you will find out if the person is in the mood for socializing and talking, or still appreciates loneliness. You have nothing to lose, you can make friends at best or find something interesting. This can be seen as a good exercise for introverted people (only if you are up for a challenge and willing to put yourself out of the comfort zone).

Free City Tour

If you have more than half a day, then you may not even need to stay at the airport but take advantage of the tourist attraction that is more or less present in all cities in the world today – which is a free tour or tour. This seems like a very well-used time and you can at least feel the breath of a city where you are “unplanned”.

Discover The Airport

Take a look at what the airport has to offer with additional services, whether there is a spa, gym, library or any other activity that can keep you busy for long enough. You can always walk around the airport, visit the many shops, eat, visit a nearby bar or treat yourself to a little souvenir.

Clear Out Your Purse Or Wallet

If you are like me, you just “never have time” to clear out your bag/wallet from old receipts, random business cards, half-empty boxes of candies and totally random stuff. Maybe the airport can be a perfect place to finally do it! 

Spend Some Quality Time In Airport Lounges 

There are many different lounges available at every airport. Usually every lounge offers snacks, drinks, coffee, alcoholic drinks, super comfy sofas, fast internet and many more. You can check here what are the ways of entering into airport lounges. 

Watch A Movie Or The Latest Episode Of Your Favorite Show

Maybe the best way to kill time at the airport for movie lovers. Before doing so, make sure to bring a pair of headphones and you are good to go! Today, there are many options on how to watch movies on demand (Netflix, iTunes) or you can even download it beforehand so you can watch it on your laptop, tablet or phone. Pro tip: on some airports you can even find small cinemas, so just check it online if there is one at your airport.

Kill Time And Be Productive

Be honest with yourself, how many times did you say to yourself “If only I had time to..” Now you have time, so what are you waiting for? We all have some saved articles to read, or some emails to reply to, or we have always wanted to connect again with some long-lost friends, or for instance finish that online course you have subscribed yourself etc. Now is a time to clear up a bunch of stuff from our to-do lists, let’s do it!

Read A Book, Newspapers, Play Some Games

I dont need to even mention this, but if you want to put your mind to some other place for awhile, then reading a book or playing games can definitely help you with it. 

Check Out Food Corners

Last but not least, kill some time at the airport with a full stomach. We are aware that most of the time, food at the airport is nothing close to home cooked meals, but we also know that when we are bored, we like to I right? Before you just grab anything that is in front of you, you can do a short research and find something more delicious at the airport.